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Charifa Smith
Basheerah Ahmad


Co-Founders Charifa Smith and Basheerah Ahmad are not new to ‘mothering’ custom-tailored projects through to bountiful fruition. When the life-long friends reunited after some time apart, they shared their passion for providing resources to help others and knew the synergy would result in something special. In 2018, the two found themselves doing business together internationally in Botswana. They quickly realized how well they complemented each other. Upon returning to the States, they decided to launch Mother’s Reserve. Combining the expertise and knowledge of business, health, advocacy, social impact investing and law, Charifa and Basheerah make a winning team.

Both share an affinity for bold, strategic investments that marry the vision, personality, and goals of their clients to become personalized and infused with each client’s unique fingerprint. But as individuals, each brings unique strengths to their projects. Basheerah brings her business, organizational management, and wellness background to align projects and opportunities with client’s wants and needs, as well as spearheading meetings, proposal presentations, and pitch decks. Basheerah also has a gift for nurturing healthy business relationships and spends time getting to know clients on a personal level.

Charifa is the consummate taskmaster, who oversees project logistics, manages intermediaries and organizes deals to close, working both in front of and behind the scenes to make sure everything is in order. With her law background, Charifa takes the reins on contract negotiations, compliance, and international law. Adept at moving projects to completion smoothly and managing any challenges, the team communicates and incorporates clients' input, while working best with those who trust the Mother’s Reserve vision and truly want the proven expertise of visionary senior lead consultants.

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